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January 18, 2018

CBSE  Xth   Board Exam Starts on March 6th.  Change in Examination system – Worried by Parents and Students.

CBSE Board Examination for Xth standard for the academic year 2017-18 starts from March 6th, 2018. Apart from the previous examinations,  this year the whole pattern is being changed and returned to the old system of studying all chapters together and attend the annual examination. Also should get a pass mark of  (33%) on each subject separately. This made a challenging situation for all the students of class X,  this year.

During the previous years, the students were assessed on the basis of CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) In CCE system there were Summative assessments SA1 and SA2. Also, there were Formative Assessments FA1 and FA2, FA3 and FA4, which were divided into few portions. It was an easy way to score good marks. Also, there was an additional support for marks, getting from their various activities. So any average student could get 8 points easily.  The CCE system was an easy way of getting promotions for the students.

There would not be any difficulty for the gifted students. But the average and below average students, the immediate change in the system of the examination will affect very badly.


We appreciate the change in examination pattern and this will certainly improve the quality of Education.  But the changes should have been implemented at least 2 years before, so that they understand the question paper pattern and the volume of effort the students should take before the examination for getting at least a  pass mark of 33%.  According to the parent’s concern, the change of system must have started from class VIII. The article that focuses on the average and below average students are the major % in each class. How can CBSE help an average student?


Every year, after the examination, the student’s complaints about the question papers of  Maths and Science. That is tough, lengthy and not based on the reader. But none cares about that. This affects the confidence of students, even if they had prepared well for the exams. Thus the parents expect the question paper set this year should be moderate and from the reader itself for all subjects. Also, the evaluation to be moderate for this year. This is a request from parents to the CBSE board.

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