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January 11, 2018

Restore Windows performance with our simple tips on speeding up your computer.

When you get a new laptop or PC it starts up and responds quickly every time. But the more you install apps, games and fill up the hard drive with music, documents and photos the more it will slow down. Eventually it will take minutes to start up. There are many things that can make Windows slow, but you should be able to restore the majority of its original speed without spending any money at all.

That said, if your laptop or PC has a traditional hard drive rather than a modern SSD then it can be well worth spending some money and buying an SSD: it’s still the single most effective performance upgrade for most people.

Regardless of your computer’s hardware, there are various things you can do to speed up Windows, and here are our top tips.

Source: Windows running slow? We show you how to speed up a slow PC

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