• Sunday , 15 July 2018
January 14, 2018

Indian Passport may not be used as Address proof

Recently Foreign Ministry of India has decided to no more printing the address details of Passport Holder in passport the last page. The decision follows by the report of 3 members Joint committee of External Ministry and Women and Child Development ministry. Also, ECR(Emigration Check Required) will not print. ECR passport will be the orange color cover.

The current version of passport in India from 1986(Adress/Bio-Data page revised in 2015)having 3 different color passport:
1. Type P (Blue cover) for ordinary Citizen or Personal
2. Type S (White cover) for Govt officials, for Govt. Service
3. Type D (Maroon Cover) for Top Rank Govt. Official and Diplomatic

The new passport will be Designed and printed by The Indian Security Press, Nasik.

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