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International Youth day

On Sunday, August 12, 2018 we commemorate the International Youth Day, to realize the importance of youth and how they have made a difference to society. It is a beneficial day to promote and engage young …

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Effects of Climate Change

The scientific opinion on climate change is that the Earth’s climate system is unequivocally warming, and it is extremely likely (at least 95% probability) that humans are causing most of it through activities that increase concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels. …

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The Breeze That Touches Your Heart

The floor-to-ceiling windows in the Ritz-Carlton Suite frame an unparalleled view of the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Christ the Savior Cathedral. Now a lavish five-star hotel with a guest list that includes Prince Charles, Liz Hurley, Uma Thurman and Giorgio Armani, …

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72nd Independence day of India

India celebrating its 72nd Independence Day
India will celebrate her 72nd Independence Day on 15th August, 2018. India’s freedom struggle was a hard-fought one and Independence Day is the day to pledge and to protect the unity and integrity of our …

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An Ancient Medicinal Practices

The knowledge of Ayurveda was passed orally through a lineage of sages in India until it was collated into text more than five thousand years ago. The oldest known texts on Ayurveda are the Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and the Ashtanga Hrudaya. …

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Amidst The Beauty & Peace

Suites offer multiple rooms, with more space and furniture than a standard hotel room. In addition to one or more beds and bedroom fixtures, a suite includes a living room or sitting room, sometimes with a couch that converts into …