18th Asian Games on August 18, 2018

Asian games this year marks the 18th edition and is hosted by Indonesia. It is the second time they are taking this responsibility which indirectly show case their well-equipped sports facilities to conduct such a great event. But it’s little different that this time two different cities in Indonesia will host this prestigious event; Jakarta and Palembang. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, the city that hosted 4th Asian games, and Palembang which is far from Jakarta by 47 minutes of flying.

There is no doubt that the Asian Games is second largest multi-sport event after Olympics and the biggest sporting event in Asia, in which athletes from only Asian countries will participate. Like Olympics, Asian games are also held once in every four years and it performs as a pre-training event for the Olympics, so the Asian athletes who are preparing for Olympic events can perform much better with their experience. 

Asian Games were born from the desire of newly independent Asian countries after World War II, to create a new platform for healthy competitions, and to set a goal showing the superiority of Asian dominance. The first Asian Games were held at New Delhi in 1951with 489 Competitors from 11 nations. But now, in 18th Asian games, 45 nations are participating in a total of 465 events over 40 sports which show the acceptance and growing importance of Asian Games through these years.

The socialization of the Asian Games to be encouraged by the OCA and Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC) and they coordinate a number of programs to spread the commercial publicity of Asian Games. Energy of Asia is the official music album which contains 13 songs released by INASGOC. Bhin Bhin – bird of paradise, Atung – Bawean deer, and Kaka – Javan rhinoceros are the trio of animal mascots chosen for this time, which relates to strategy, speed and strength respectively. This trio also represent the Eastern, Central, and Western regions of Indonesia and it passes the message, Unity in Diversity.

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