What is Brain Drain and Gain?

Brain Drain is actually the draining out of qualified brains from mother country to any other place where that brain can work more efficiently and profitably. The profits are mainly money and of course better living environments. It is a gain to the emigrated country and its brain gain, where they can utilize this highly qualified and skilled brain for their development and growth. To simplify, the brain gain of a country becomes the brain drain for other country.

Effects of human capital flight

Brain-drain can also be called as “human capital flight” because of the extensive expatriation of financial capital. In a country like India, huge financial capital is generating from taxpayers. Unfortunately major taxpayers have moved out of their countries, it’s a tragedy for them in the case of financial capital and also in the case of skilled individuals. Usually all developed countries will be having brain gain, but developing countries might be stressing from brain drain.

Reasons for Brain Drain

There are two phase for the reasons of brain drain, one come from country side and other from individual side. Lack of opportunities, economic depression, health risk, political instability etc. are few of them from country side. It is also driven by individual reasons like family influence, ambition etc. On the other hand, brain-gain is just opposite to brain-drain. Countries that welcome skilled workers commonly have a brain gain. Countries like USA and UK having brain-gain because these nations have ample work opportunities and are rich too. Furthermore, they can provide good facilities and life styles.

In conclusion, to hold the expert workers at their home countries need to provide better options from there itself. Government should make appropriate arrangements to provide sufficient work openings and living facilities to them. They have to be inspired to coming back to their own home towns and constant motivation also needed for the upcoming development of their own country.



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