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Selfie Quadcopter: New viral Selfie trend

Ultimate Selfie from New Heights and Angles
Selfie Quad-copter literally spread the selfie trend across the world in new dimensions. People are so fascinated to upload their incredible selfie from exactly crazy heights and angles. Nowadays, our usual phone selfie are …

Indian Wedding – Bhavana Weds

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What is Lohri 2018 and how is the Punjabi festival celebrated?

LOHRI is the most popular of all the Punjabi festivals, and it is celebrated every year on January 13. If you’ve never heard of the celebration, and don’t know what it means, here’…
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Simple Considerations For Your Foam Party

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Change Your Mood With Inspiration Songs

This is a guest post brought to you by Amanda Brown.*

Music has been around as long as man, and throughout the ages people have reveled in the joy of creating music, singing songs, and dancing along to the sounds. But …

The Role Of Motivational Workout Songs

How To Choose Motivational Workout Music