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If I were asked to select a favourite place in Kuwait, I would select Salmiya – Block 10. It’s not because I stay there, but it resembles India in many aspects. Rather I would like to call it as Mini India.  India – The name itself is enough to give you goosebumps.

On a fine Saturday morning, I was standing under my building, waiting for my friends to go to play cricket. The temperature was around 20 degree. A gentle breeze just passed through my body. Hey, it’s not a big deal. I said to myself and I took off my jacket and decided to enjoy the breeze. Small trees on my right side were moving gently. A small group of kids were playing cricket there in front of me. My eyes opened widely,  I could see the tallest buildings there in the morning sunshine. I listened to my surroundings. The languages I heard were Indian languages. I took a look around. What I had seen there resembled India in every sense. The chattering of kids, gentle breeze, the shops nearby me and the then climate too, the temperature was just between 22 – 24. A sense of Mini India feeling ran through my mind.

Why block 10 has seemed as a  mini India, at least to me? It’s because you would not find a single thing in block 10 which you haven’t come across while you were in India, be it eateries, festivals, games or whatever. Block 10 is a small version of multicultural societies in India like our cities. Like in Bangalore you could find people here from almost all states.

Block 10 has establishments like Udupi and Thakkara which is 100% Indian in every sense

Block 10 had Appollo hospital sometimes back, yes, a name you are familiar with

If we talk particularly about restaurants, you won’t see any other restaurants in Block 10 other than Indian restaurants and Indian foods. It’s not surprising if you find all kinds of Indian foods in Salmiya.  Doesn’t matter if you are from north or south part of India, Block 10 has restaurants that serve all types of food which need. Anyway. The taste of these foods takes your memories back to India.

The description of Block 10 would not be complete if I omit this one. Festivals. If you happen to be in block 10 during any festivals, you may doubt one second about the place where you are in. it is admirable to see people bring in their customs to another land along with them. Diwali is the most celebrated Indian festival. Earlier Fireworks used to be there. But this has stopped recently due to security reasons. Carols groups visiting homes can be seen during Christmas season

While you were in block 10 you would not feel you are away from India. Any languages you will hear is of Indian origin except for English, where it is a lingua franca in India.

Another thing that compels us to believe that we are in India is the number of Indian Schools in block 10.

Salmiya park and boulevard are located in Block 10. These places help you to relax after a week-long work. During weekends kids come to these parks to play their favourite games like they do in Indian parks

If you take a walk through block 10 in the evenings you will see many Indian things. The streets are crowded like Indian streets, the people who cross the road while the vehicle is coming. the “where do you come from” gesture of the driver. Busy cafes and restaurants, etc.

So all these scenarios bring India to your mind. So it is pretty sure that those Indians who live in block 10 would think they are in India at least once in a day when they feel or come across all these Indian things in block 10. How could they not when his/her mind is filled with Indian thoughts?

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