Ultimate Selfie from New Heights and Angles

Selfie Quad-copter literally spread the selfie trend across the world in new dimensions. People are so fascinated to upload their incredible selfie from exactly crazy heights and angles. Nowadays, our usual phone selfie are boring and out of favor from the selfie world. People have switched to this new trend for displaying their best moments, which overpowered the limitations of distance, height, angle and of course its clarity.

Generations of selfie

We all know the first generation of selfie that was our standard selfie from considerable distance that we can extend using our hands. The very next generation overcame the limitation of very small distance by using sticks. In this phones are aided in a selfie stick to get a considerably long distance. Now we are reached up to the evolution of quad-copter for incredible selfies.

What is a Selfie Quad-copter?

It’s a new type of drone, Drone X Pro, and it’s perfect for making the ultimate selfies! It was designed by two German engineers and they are so much passionate about drones. The difficulty to handle drone while travelling because of its heaviness and bulkiness, led them to develop a handy, ultra compactable drone as we use now.

Advantages of Drone X Pro

First thing is its ultra-compact, lightweight nature without compromising the benefits of a top HD model. Other thing is it’s very easy to control and can setup in less than 10 seconds. You can easily live stream or record to your phone.  It can fly incredibly high. You can take the most striking pictures and videos and just impress your friends with these coolest selfies. It’s just amazing!!!




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