Current accommodation availability

The current booking availability is an excellent service which helps the passengers to get a status of available accommodation on all trains, across all the classes that depart from a particular source station up to 4 hours from the scheduled departure time. This option gives the passengers scope for booking tickets at the last minute too, provided accommodation is available on any particular train departing from the source station.

When passengers want to check the current booking availability, all they need to do is to just visit the official portal of Railways and click on the option of Current Availability. The system will then ask for a source station code. It will be quite helpful, if a passenger has the source station code handy with him while checking for availability. If not, then he has to go to the option of viewing codes, enter the station name and then get the retrieve station code.

Once the code is entered, the system will display all the trains departing from that station in the next 4 hours with the list of various classes of accommodation and their availability. If a particular class has , against a train, it means that the particular class does not exist on that particular train. If the availability shows the status of NE, it means that there is already a heavy waitlist for that particular class in the specified train and hence, current bookings are not allowed.

If the availability shows 0, then it means for that particular class, all seats are filled and no current bookings are possible. If there is any other number against any class on any train, it means that the given number of seats is open for current booking. The source station code is the key for getting details through this option.

Find your train

Spot your train is another excellent feature provided by Railways for the benefit and comfort of its passengers. The passengers just need to know the train number for this service. Once they enter the train number, the entire route of the train is displayed on the screen, right from the source to each station it passes through, time it reaches different stations, the time it starts, distance between the previous and current station and finally, the time when it reaches the destination.

The timings mentioned on the official portal are updated real time and hence, prove to be right at most of the times. This feature is of great help for passengers who plan to board the train from any station except the source. It will give them an idea of when the train will come to their particular station and how long it will wait there, so that they can reach the station well ahead of time in order to avoid missing their train. This feature is extensively used by the millions of rail travellers every day. The train number is the key for getting details through this option.

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