Influence of teachers on students’ performance

As we all know the significance of knowledge in our existence and growth, so the people who helped or helping to gain knowledge also deserves much more importance in our life. Many people can influence our character by their behavior, I am sure that teachers are the best among them. They are the opening doors to a better world for their students and their contribution is priceless and uncountable. Without their hard work and dedication, we can’t imagine us as what we are now and they are the backbones who will support us to achieve our success stories. Just one day is not enough to say thank you for what they have done, because they dedicate their whole life to make us proud.

World Teachers’ Day

Globally, different countries celebrate teacher’s day on different dates in different ways, where UNESCO inaugurated – October 5 in 1994, as the first World Teachers’ Day and decided to celebrate it every year. Actually students are more excited than teachers to celebrate this day as a festival with lots of bliss and gladness. They organize special programs to make their teachers too proud about their profession and to make them feel more special. We can see that social medias are flooded with greetings to teachers and #TeachersDay hash tag will be everywhere and it shows our intimacy to real heroes of our lives.

How to become an ideal teacher?

How to become an ideal teacher is absolutely a difficult question to answer and definitely it should be hit with pure passion and hard work. Being a teacher may not require that many efforts, but it’s very challenging and demanding more efforts to become an ideal teacher for their students. Teaching is not just a profession like any other jobs; it has lot of responsibilities including shaping the minds and characters of their students to achieve their goals. The molded students can contribute more for their Nation growth and we can call an ideal teacher as the architect of society. Without their contribution no society can march in the path of progression.

However, you can try to become an ideal teacher only by listen your students carefully and think from their side too. When a teacher’s style of teaching outfits with his/her student’s learning style, then definitely that teacher can be the best for them. Of course, teachers are supposed to teach their students every time, but if you are an ideal teacher and then there is always a space to let your students to teach you a bit more. So, don’t ignore your students at any time, especially when they need you to listen.

Teachers the Torchbearers

They are the torchbearers towards the progress of their students and they are the respected group of persons in any society. Thus, no matter a student becomes so much successful in his life but in front of the teacher he always downs his head with lots of respect. Ideal teachers always want their students to get more success than themselves and are referred as the fortune creator of students. So their responsibilities to bring their student’s future to the bright directions are always challenging and on this international teacher’s day, every teacher can take a pledge to work with a high degree of passion to assure quality education for all children in the world.



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