A decorative molding may be defined as any continuous projection that is utilized to improve the outlook of a wall. In ancient Greece, They were first utilized to throw water away from the wall.


Frieze is a type of molding which was first utilized on the Parthenon at the Acropolis. The frieze is considered part of the Greek architectural style. The Parthenon was built for the Goddess Athena. The frieze moldings that were used were meant to tell the story over Poseidon in becoming the patron of the ancient city, which is now known as Athens.

The frieze panels are a series of designed pediments which are filled with the pictures of Athena’s birth and her rise to power. These days, a frieze board is the flat panel just below a cornice or crown molding. Frequently, low belief is applied to this panel for extra decoration over travetino porcelain tile that follows a neoclassical decorating style.

You require a pretty high ceiling and it’s a great idea to stain or paint the frieze and crown molding of the same color. The frieze is an incredible way to visually bring the ceiling down and to make the room look cozier.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the popular types of cornice molding. Crown molding is usually a single piece of the decorative molding, installed at the top of the wall, at an angle to the ceiling. Nonetheless, I have seen crown molding with 5 or more pieces with more detailed setting along with loft porcelain tile.

Crown molding frequently has a profile that projects on the ceiling and the wall, adding a rich outlook to the room. It is frequently utilized at the top of the cabinets or built-in furniture.

Introduction of this type of decorative molding to a relatively easy room offers a historical outlook to a room that it wouldn’t have otherwise. Crown molding is also used along with other moldings to add details to shelves and fireplace mantels.

Crown molding is also known as cornice molding. The term cornice describes a mold installed along the top of a wall or above the window. This treatment with multiple pieces of molding is known as build-up cornice.

Baseboard Molding

Baseboard molding prevents the bottom of the wall from depreciation, while hidden openings and other irregularities where the wall meets with the floor. Base moldings give a better profile to the floor line, and can be as detailed or as simple according to your taste and preference.

While it is quite simple to install chair rail on a level plane, baseboard can be tricky if the floors are not of the same level. For this reason, I suggest getting a professional for the installation of these moldings. As a single remedy to uneven floors, you can also install a shoe molding along the bottom front edge to give the baseboard a finished look.

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